Monday, August 27, 2012

Watch list for Tuesday

Extremely slow day today. Look at $SPY volume....So be very selective, trade only setups with momo and volume

$NTE it goes on earnings so be careful.
short on parabolics and afternoon fades...also on green to red if a big gapper tomorrow
$IMH nice squeeze and volume spike today. 
short on parabolics and afternoon fades...also on green to red if a big gapper tomorrow

$CLSN had a short entry in the afternoon but didn't take it since bad r/r.
Same story, just watching for short on parabolics, gap up and afternoon fade. Needs to go higher for a nice one.
$ALSK long over local highs on day it will happen))) Keep an eye on it...
$BPAX had some volume injection today...keep watching for a long over local highs. Former runner. Needs some PR. Daily is not perfect.
$DQ no volume right now. Company received letter from NYSE for non-compliance with 1$ rule. Has 6 month to fix situation. Usually they do it in first month or two in pump-mode. Watch for long on volume and momo. I like daily. Former runner