Monday, October 22, 2012

Watch list for Tuesday

   Hope you guys noticed that if stocks from my watch list are triggered - THEY GO.
$ATRS $XIN $XRTX were today's movers. Check the game plans posted yesterday....
   For tomorrow
$ALC for a long on red to green. Plenty of room above.
$JRCC will be eyeing for a short on para, hopefully 6$ fake.
$MIG for a long on red to green. Not my setup, will pass on this one even if triggered.
$ROSG for short on local lows crack, on volume.
$STXS I didn't find safe entry on this one today. Just keep it on a list. No play setup for me yet. Hopefully para for a short. Don't feel like taking it long...It might take a one-day-rest tomorrow.
$SVU main watch for tomorrow.
You can try long on red to green but I'll be only looking for a short on para or afternoon fade. Something going on this couldn't find explanation why the stock was flying. Doesn't matter to me.
$XIN for a short if goes much higher.