Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gameplan for Monday. Happy holidays everyone!

Went through 4000 charts and here is what I found. Everything under 50$
$ADY for a breakout lovers. Long on red to green

$AMBO for a breakout lovers. Long on red to green
$AMPL it's in play, so be ready for a good entry. Mostly looking into short on para, fade.
$CBMX I think it's a bout to do last squeeze before it will die like a champ.
$HLF I'm not sure what's going on with a company, I don't really care. The chart says that a squeeze have to happen, eventually. Too much too fast, my favorite setup for both sides.
$MDRX for a long on red to green 
$NUS same plan as $HLF 
$ONTY for a long on red to green 
$UAMY for a breakout lovers. Long on red to green, needs volume.