Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gameplan for Friday

What a great trade it was in MVIS and a specially GNE! Gameplan for both was posted yesterday. 
Anyways for tomorrow... 
 $CHCI for a long $2.50 break
 $MCOX for a short on green to red, para, fade.
$CLIR long on red to green with tight stop for 30-50c move.


  1. hey! quick question

    on CLIR..when you say long on red to green, does that mean to go long when it goes below the previous close then goes back up ?

  2. Hello Sir!
    It means stock should be green today and break yesterday's close or high, whatever comes first.
    If a stock opens far from yesterday close that means going above today's open or just being green on a day, if it took off right at the open.
    I'll probably will make a slide in a bit to explaine it graphically