Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gameplan for Monday

   1. can go higher on red to green in the morning...then look for a short on para, fade.
   2. if a nice gapper, short on green to red, para, fade.
   3. 5$ washout...not the best case scenario. Take money, don't hold.


  1. Can you explain $5 washout?

  2. Sure!
    If we open just above 5$ and there is a bit of size on a bid at 5.00-5.05, when they start to eat it - you short it.

  3. Thanks have Ameritrade account and there have been no shares available to short for the last two days. Hope there is some tomorrow.

  4. Thanks Dmitry you are a Genius!!!!!
    You have a new believer and I can't wait until tomorrow's gameplan!