Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gameplan for Thursday

Alerted this thing right from the open for a long. And here you gou...:-)
For tomorrow this is the only thing you need to make money.
Short on green to red, para, fade. Keep swing if possible.
Ideally gap up above 10 and wash right from the open.


  1. Hey, man! Thank u for the alerts! I saw u bought today morning CLNT and I'd like to ask u why did u start to buy gainers? Is this because of some fundamental things/ news?

  2. First of all I would like to thank you for kind words and following me.
    I took CLNT long because:
    1. Gap down took a sell of pressure
    2. Stock showed holding 8$ after little sell off
    3. I knew that there were some shorts in this who will be covering if this goes green.
    4. There are still ones would buy this :-)

    About news, I never really read them, I just check premarket if there are any, that's it.
    I trade the chart and idea on daily.
    Only price pays, not news or anything.
    Follow the price action in the direction of a possible big move.
    Hope this answered some of your questions.

  3. Thank u for the answer, man!!I understood the idea) This CLNT trade was hot! ))

  4. I think yesterday trade was even better :-)

  5. ahaha, 100%!!