Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gameplan for Friday

$SIFY was my main watch today since we all know that it can run. Was on earnings...but not today. Sucks, I was so precise with my entries and bitch didn't want to go. Didn't lose anything just a shame that it didn't go. 
It seems like every time there is a huge volume premarket and a nice gap in stock it will most likely sell off. Will keep an eye on that next time and won't be so long biosed. 
$ONVO started a bit too early so my avg was not great. So I covered a first wash to round number. And it was keep on selling off. Will take that as a lesson as well. Start closer to round number with a room to add.
 long RtG
 long RtG
 long RtG Seems like money flowing from solars to shippers.
 wants to squeeze, you can try long RtG. I might pass on this since overextended.
short on GtR if a gapper or on para.